Antikythera or ancient Aegilia or Aegila, the southern of the Ionian Islands, is located 22 nautical miles from the island of Kythera and 18 miles from Crete (FIG.1, 2, 3) . On the northern part of the island, at the area called “Kastro” today, above the bay of Xeropotamos, a fortified city is located that covers an area of c. 200 acres and is dated to the Hellenistic period (FIG.4). Since 2000, after a request by the Community of Antikythera, the 26th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities started an excavation at “Kastro” in order to create an Archaeological Park that would contribute to the sustainable development of the island, which in the last twenty years is steadily progressing towards total devastation. The excavation is continued until today, without interruption, by a group of archaeologists under the direction of the archaeologist Aris Tsaravopoulos every year in August. Students of archaeology and other specialties, and also people from different fields, who choose to take part in the excavation as alternative form of tourism, participate voluntarily under the guidance of archaeologists.